My Art

I started creating art maybe six months before my husband left us.  Feeling the weight of silence in our home, I began taking an art class with a good friend of mine, Cheryl McCardle.  She encourages you to delve into your spiritual side to create and uses meditation to help you find your creative flow. 

Since becoming a single mother, my art has been my saving grace.  It is one of the only times that I can quiet my mind enough to shut my worries out.  I'm no artist, I have no patience to draw and my painting are all abstract, but I enjoy it.  I like for my paintings to evoke an emotion or mood.  If it doesn't, I'll paint over it and start all over. 

I've also been focusing on art journals or altered journals.  Honestly, I feel silly calling what I paint art.  I haven't been in the mood to create much of anything lately but am finding that passion again, through writing, to paint and create again, so maybe I'll share something new soon.


Artist Trading Cards

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