Monday, November 14, 2011

Autumn Vacation

I love it when I accidently take a pic and it turns out this cool

I finally managed to take some time off work, 3 workdays off, today being my last day off.  My job tends to be a bit stressful, as anyone in construction can tell you.  I feel like people rely on me a bit too much sometimes and it can get overwhelming pretty quickly.  So, major plans were made to try to relax and do whatever I wanted, all while not worrying about work.  Needless to say, it was a total failure.  Thursday and Friday, I spent the day answering my cell phone trying to take care of issues and help out co-workers as much as possible.  I understand most of what I do comes with experience, knowing who to call and how to get what I need done, so I don't fault anyone that called me.  Today though, was a different story.  For the most part, I was finally able to take a day off.  Only a few phone calls from the office, but nothing major or that I couldn't take care of easily.  I had intended to take the day to straighten my house and get rid of/organize junk in my bedroom.  Instead, I dropped off my baby boy at daycare (sorry Noah) and spent the day with my daughter.
We went to a local "walking" park looking for fairy homes, lunch and talking.  I love it when Isabel wants to have adult conversations, her being 7 and all it can be pretty funny.  
No fairies were found, but we had fun looking.  We had a very nice lunch outside by a small pond.  The weather was too nice not to eat outside.  74 degrees in November is always nice, especially after a cold week before.  Then we came home, and before picking up Noah, and raked up MORE leaves.  Some days I wonder why bother.  By the time we were done, it looked like we needed to rake again.  Here are some wonderful shots I thoght I'd share:


No fairies here

Fairy must've been out for the day

Beautiful lunch outside

Isabel "helping" with the raking

So, the house is a mess, my bedroom is the same as before, but I am so thankful to have spent such a beautiful day with my wonderful daughter.  These moments are so rare and it's always nice to get one on one time with one of my babies.

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  1. Lisa - This is great. Me also working in construction, I understand how this is and working for a small business. I get frustrated how it's a HUGE deal for me to take any time off and always have my cell with me too. :( But good for you for playing with Iz.


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